Ruthie… 7 years old

Is it just ME or is it a challenge to REMEMBER,PLAN,SCHEDULE, BRIBE,FIND THE RIGHT OUTFIT,CHOOSE THE BEST LOCATIONget’ good photos of your child each year?

Yes, there’s certainly challenges; but, there’s not much that warms my heart more than looking back at meaningful photos of my child from each year.

Birthdays are a great milestone for scheduling photos! It’s easy to remember each year and a fun way to document the child’s personality.

A few weeks before Ruthie’s birthday this year, I gave her three choices. (I learned a LONG time ago with my other ‘strong-willed child’ that, if I wanted success, I must offer choices!)

“Ruthie? Do you want your photos to be…?”
* fun, bright, downtown Bentonville, ice-cream, fountain
* sunset, field, dreamy
* real-life, pajamas, Rusty, swim, HOME

Guess what MY girl choose?!?!?

Ruthie & Rusty
My spaghetti-lovin’ girl!
Her favorite birthday gift!
Personalized Milestone-Memories are my favorite!
Gotta’ love that tongue!
Rayna always needs “just a bite.”
Don’t worry… Ruthie does most of the work!
Missing tooth!

In case you need ONE more reason why “Lifestyle” Photography is AWESOME
Guess what?!?! You aren’t allowed to over-think or plan outfits, locations or poses!

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