Colorado Springs (Quick-Trip TIPS!)

TOP Summer Memory!

Let’s be totally honest…
Matthew LOOKS for reasons to visit Colorado. Recently, although there were plenty of available cars nearby for him to choose from, the specific one he wanted just happened to be sitting in his favorite state. Hmmmm…

With only a few days of summer remaining, I was not surprised, but OVER-THE-TOP-EXCITED when he suggested we jump in the car and explore Colorado a few days!

We only had two days before he had work appointments, so we stopped in to see his cousin… who happens to be an AMAZING photographer… who happens to live on a beautiful piece of Colorado property… who happened to be willing to take a photograph of us in her backyard before we said goodbye. (What a BLESSING, right?!?!)

Thank you, Laura!

Since we had NO idea where we were actually staying or doing, we also checked-off #308 on our “Sand Bucket List”! During our drive, we voted and decide to skip a hotel and try a basement unit on VRBO. (Great choice!)

Once we got settled-in to our little living quarters, Matthew realized we were less than an hour away from WHITE WATER RAFTING! (Go ahead and check #313 off that list of things to do with your kids before they move-out!)

I’m LOVING this book!

Disclaimer: When we booked our white water rafting trip, it was MAINLY for me and Matthew! (No shame there.) With that being said, I would not feel comfortable recommending it to parents with ‘young’ (or not tough) (or not water-loving) (or sensitive) (or nervous) kids.
Ruthie was a TROOPER, but the water levels were higher than they’ve been in 50 years! So, the currents were REALLY strong in certain areas. (During many rapids, she was instructed to LAY DOWN where she wasn’t thrown from the raft. The water was ICE-COLD. So, much of Ruthie’s experience was being tossed around… hearing our guide yell at us… feeling like we’re about to flip… then having gallons and gallons of ice-cold water dumped all over her body.) She didn’t cry once and smiled the majority of the trip, but I would only carry super-tough kiddies or your trip will be ruined.

With that being said, white water rafting was, quite-possibly, the HIGHLIGHT of my ENTIRE summer!

Look at Ruthie’s face as she sees the rapid ahead!
What a view!

Other Colorado Springs highlights were:

Just a few of my favorite snap-shots
Downtown Colorado Springs
Garden of the Gods
We had to keep our Friday-Night-Pizza tradition going!

Thanks for stopping by!
I can’t wait to share a few more summer memories soon!

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