3 out of 4 (Downtown Bentonville Date)

I had a great idea…

We left our house early.
Started at the library.
Walked a few blocks around downtown Bentonville.
ATE ICE CREAM WAY TOO EARLY   Got a mid-morning snack.  (Big hit #1!)


Took a break at our favorite tree.  (Big hit #2!)kiddiestreeDSC_7219nrt

Cooled off at the fountain.  (#3!)DSC_7329n

THEN, ended-up at the splash park (which was SUPPOSE to be Big hit #4!), when I remembered Ruthie’s bathing suit was STILL in the car… several blocks away!  Oh, well!  cDSC_7351bDSC_7388n

She may have been the ONLY child without a bathing suit on, but I’m STILL going to count it as a HIT!  She didn’t seem to care!   ruthiewater

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