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    Every great success story starts with a dream. For me, my dream was to always have a camera in hand and a great story behind every shot. In Kindergarten, it was bringing my camera to Show N’ Tell when everyone else brought toys. In middle school, it was getting to know the employees at my local photo lab. In high school, it was an essay I wrote about my 'dream job' of being a photographer.

    I have been truly fortunate to watch my lifelong passion of photography bloom into a career and source of happiness in my life. Part of that happiness comes from my love of children and embracing that in my business. My adoration for kids allows me to engage them in a way that makes sessions feel more like a play-date! Whether it’s chasing them around trees or fields, chatting with them about their favorite flavor of ice cream or watching them laugh while I make a funny face, I find it truly uplifting to be a part of their world.

    In the same way that every picture tells a story, so too does my blog. I use it to capture pieces of both my professional and personal life. It includes client session photos, engaging stories behind those clients, and even little glimpses into my own family, friends and interests. The curls in my daughter's hair and the cool rock my son found are just a few of the things that inspire me every day!

Mack, Maya, Mack, Bear & Maya

I’ll let you in on a secret…

Each time I go back to Georgia, you can find me in 1 of 3 spots: my grandparent’s living room, my parent’s kitchen or my sister’s couch. (Okay, maybe add The Cheesecake Factory, since we don’t have one in NW Arkansas.)  Regardless… most of the week is spent in pajamas “work-out clothes” with my family.

The one exception is the day I get to put on make-up and normal clothes and do the thing that gives me SO much JOY… photography!  Since most of my clients have been with me for years and years, it’s almost the SAME as spending time with FAMILY!

Mack, Maya, Mack, Bear and Maya are perfect examples!  (You know me… I couldn’t resist doing a baby-Maya and current-Maya side-by-side photo together at the end of this post!)


Just for fun…

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The Summeralls Fall Photos

Would you believe I’ve gotten to be part of the Summerall’s life for 10 YEARS?!?!

One of my favorite all-time sessions was when Kohen & Maya were lil’-bitty.  It was in the beginning of my depression when everything started going numb; but during my time with them, I actually felt ALIVE and HAPPY again.

Well, I felt the SAME happiness when I got to see their family again last week in Georgia!  Even though Meghan and I haven’t had the chance to hang-out outside of photos, I always tell my sister, “I want to be ‘real-life’ friends with Meghan.”

Meghan & Jeff- THANK YOU for trusting me year after year!  I appreciate your family so much!

P.S.  Is it just me or does Kohen look a little like my-Ross?!?!?

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November 27, 2018 - 2:26 pm

Grandmama - Christy…….while I was looking at all the beautiful pictures, I was thinking…. he looks so much like Ross. Then, I read your comment and you said the same thing. So, WOW!

Michael, Lindsey, Michael & Maddox

As my sister and I watched my mom cook a huge Thanksgiving meal, our conversation began with the CMA (specifically on how getting to see Thomas Rhett’s performance of “Life Changes” was worth having to sit through Brad Paisley’s horrific attempt to be funny), but somehow shifted to our FAVORITE topic- ADORABLE lil’ kids.  After we both established that her baby, Naomi, was oozing with cuteness, I grabbed my laptop to show her a couple more cuties…

A HUGE hug to Lindsey for allowing me to photograph her precious boys the last 7 years!

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Jon, Rachael, Bailey & Sawyer

Even though I felt so much excitement and gratitude for all my Georgia Fall Mini Sessions booking-up before I could even post them online, as I hurried around my parent’s house gathering my goodie bag and equipment the morning of my sessions, Matthew could sense how nervous I also was.  He pulled me close and asked if he could pray over me.  His prayer was simple, but exactly what I needed- for God to work through me and allow every family to be blessed with photos of their family.

I hope each family experiences the same joy SEEING their photos as He gave me as I TOOK their photos!

This was my first time photographing Rachael and her family, but I certainly hope it’s not the last!  Bailey and Sawyer couldn’t have been any better!  Can’t you just FEEL the LOVE between these guys?!

Thank you, Rachael & Jon!  Let’s do it again!

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The Crow Family

Have you ever met a family who’s just too great for words?  Well, that’s exactly how I feel about Kevin & Kayla.

I got to serve with Kevin at Grace Point Church and was really impacted by his high-fives, positive attitude and heart for others.  I love Kayla’s adventurous spirit, killer shoes and gentle personality.  So naturally, their kids are equally as loving and wonderful!

After James’ senior session, I got to take a few family photos at their home!  Here’s just a few of my favorites…

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