Zoo Atlanta

The day started with Chick-fil-A and ended with barbecue sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.  As if THAT wasn’t awesome enough, all the time in between was filled with me, my sister, my mom and the 3 kiddies running around Zoo Atlanta.  We rode the train, carousel and Ross climbed the rock wall in record-breaking time.  (Seriously!  I didn’t even have time to get my camera out by the time I saw him ring the bell at the top.  Thankfully, they let him climb again where I could take a quick picture!) 

Rayna and Parker could have groomed the goats all day…
Parker’s favorite spot was beside the baby panda…
Thankful for my kids.
Thankful for my mom.
Thankful for my sister.
Thankful for some great 2011 summer memories I will hold on to forever.


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