Need TIPS on What to Wear?

My family has never been into coordinating outfits.  Not for beach trips.  Not for church.  Not even for family photos.

This Sunday was no different.  The kids quickly dressed themselves as I gathered-up everything I would need to make this super-busy day run smoothly.  We were going to our church, another church across town for my cousin’s baptism, followed by my sister and I cooking a special birthday lunch for Ross at my parent’s house.

Once the car doors closed and I made sure both kids had remembered their shoes, I noticed all of our outfits and knew right away I needed to take a quick picture and share a tip that will hopefully help YOU out when you’re thinking about YOUR next session!

The photo below is not perfect.
Our outfits are not perfect.
However, without realizing it, we all wore colorful, everyday clothes we felt comfortable in.  We didn’t match.  But more importantly, we didn’t stress!

I’m NOT suggesting everyone in your family choose their own favorite outfit without making sure it looks great with others, but I DO suggest RELAXING a little and allowing everyone’s personal style to come through!  Hope this helps!


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