My little Hammerhead

Summer is officially over.  It’s actually starting to feel WONDERFUL here and I’m counting down the days to get out my Fall knee boots.  Those, along with beef stew, make me a very happy gal.

So, as I sit here now in my warm pajamas Matthew’s old sweatpants and t-shirt, I thought I’d post a few pictures from Ross’ 1st season on the swim team.  Aside from the first swim meet when we showed-up without a tent, cooler, spare cash and drinks, we all really enjoyed being outside and watching all the kids buzz-around with excitement.

Since we were new to this swim-scene, we had NO idea the kids find GREAT joy in writing all over themselves.  Ross wanted in on the excitement and was lucky enough to find some older girls to help cover his back in “Caution:  Shark in Water!”  He tried to act cool, but he was tickled they spent so much time decorating his back…

If I would have taken my camera out 5-minutes prior to these shots, you would have seen Rayna laying on the concrete, crying about how she was ready to be home.  (This was the night we showed-up totally unprepared, after being on the road 8-hours that day.  Honestly, I felt like crying and going home too.)  BUT, her mood changed when Ross let her play with his goggles… 
Ummm... I just LOVE everything about him.  (Oh, Ross is pretty cool too.)
We’re a little hungry.
We’re a little tired.
But it’s all worth it when Ross lets me hold him without trying to wiggle out of my arms after a few minutes!
(Thanks, Matthew, for capturing this picture!)

How do you reward a 5-year old for being a trooper and giving 100%?!?!  Sonic, of course!  To make the night even better, Ross met an ADORABLE bulldog there.  Ross LOVES dogs, so I asked Ross (and the owner) if I could take a picture of the doggie kissing all-over Ross.


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