Wild Wilderness Safari

Before I had kids, I was mildly OBSESSED with animals.

After only being married a short time, I realized Matthew had his OWN obsession- watching football in the fall.  After many evenings of me watching him yelling at the t.v. (aka: caring more about the team than the team-owner himself), I eagerly volunteered to work with a petting zoo that fall.  Even though most of my time was spent cleaning out cages, feeding baby goats and holding a really large boa constrictor around my neck while kids poked at him, being around all of those cool critters made me really, really happy.

So, when Matthew and I visited his parents in Arkansas 10 years ago and they took me to a place called Wild Wilderness Safari and I got to HOLD, CUDDLE and BOTTLE-FEED 2 TIGER CUBS, it went down as a day I’ll NEVER, EVER forget!

Needless to say, “Wild Wilderness Safari” was one of the things I couldn’t WAIT to take Ross, Rayna and Ruthie to see in Arkansas!

Ruthie’s as sweet as sugar.  Sometimes I want to eat her and, today, the llama did too…



Insider Secret:
THESE are the (decent) pictures that I post and you actually SEE on my blog… rayna

do you ever wonder about HOW MANY PHOTOS it TAKES to get a few decent ones?!?!
Well, wonder no longer!
Here’s our OUT-TAKES with the automatic timer… TRYING to get a picture together in the shade while all the others chased goats around:zoo
Ruthie chasing chickens.  (If I had audio with this pix, I’m SURE you’d hear her trying to boss this poor little guy around!)
This is SOOOOO-Ruthie.DSC_1625ng


Here’s a short clip of Ruthie…
She got a KICK out of this place!

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