Big Shoes to Fill

Ross is an  I N C R E D I B L E  boy.
He’s independent, artistic, tender-hearted, hilarious, affectionate and has more common sense than a lot of adults I know.

BUT, he’s also a little FORGETFUL at times.
So, it was no surprise when, after we’d already been on the road a while to meet his Nana and Grandaddy for lunch, I hear him timidly ask from the backseat of the car, “Umm, Mom?  Did you get my shoes?”

Unfortunately, I have heard this same question SO many times, it didn’t even surprise me.
BUT, with school quickly approaching and added responsibilities, I knew it was my PLEASURE parental duty to give him a consequence that would help him be more responsible in the future.

Remembering all the nickles and dimes he’d been rushing around the house collecting when he found out we were going to downtown Bentonville, I broke the news to him:

“Ross… You aren’t allowed to go into the 5 and Dime store without shoes on.  You’ll have to wait until the next time to buy candy.  I’m so sorry, buddy.”



{crocodile tears}

Within 5 minutes of parking, Ross had already spotted his Grandaddy in the food-truck lines, ran up to him and turned those tears BACK on.

Before I knew it, Grandaddy was approaching our picnic table with amazing food and Ross was walking beside him with a BIG SMILE plastered on his little face.

AS ALWAYS, the Martin-men had devised a plan…

DSC_2715b DSC_2709n3 DSC_2728b


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