First Friday

There were still plenty of unpacked moving boxes sitting all around our house…
the kids had started arguing about the smallest things…
Ruthie wouldn’t let me put her down…
and Matthew just called to say he was having to work later than he thought.

Although it crossed my mind to just cancel going into downtown Bentonville for our first “First Friday” experience, I knew we ALL needed to get OUT of the house.

…And I’m SO glad we did!

I was surprised when we arrived at Sparks Cafe’ Soda Fountain to see that Coke Floats were just $1!
Yum!  Sign me up!


Ruthie finishes her peppermint candy very quickly and is ready for 1 more trip inside the 5 & 10!DSC_1862n


So many vendors, food trucks, music, give-aways and things to do!details

I’m normally the one taking the photos, so since I actually had a little bit of make-up on, I handed my camera to Ross for a quick picture with my lil’ girly-girl… DSC_1813n1ff

So glad Matthew could join us after his meeting…DSC_1907b

The newspaper approached us at the end of the night to see if they could use photos of Ross dancing and Ruthie giving a random dog a really sloppy kiss.  If you saw this in print, please let me know!  (I only saw the back of his camera that night.)
Looking SOOOOOO forward to the NEXT “First Friday”!

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