Weekend in Mississippi

“Sneaking Out” is not the best way to say it; but, that’s really the only way to describe what my niece and I do when we get together several times each year.  Whether we meet-up in Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi or any other state, we always seem to find a silly excuse to get away from everyone else and go look for FUN together!  99.99% of the time, our “fun” includes FOOD and TAKING SILLY PICTURES!

Even though my family arrived at her house super late on a Friday night, the next morning we both got dressed quickly, grabbed 2 kids and told everyone we’d be back in a few hours.  Our morning was spent at Whole Foods (stalking the buffet line… anxiously awaiting the removal of the french toast and arrival of the stuffed tomatoes, grilled brussel sprouts, homemade Ranch and blackened fish) and setting up the self-timer at the plaza.

Love these 3 girls SOOOOOOO much, I can’t even tell ya’…


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