School Holiday!

I drew a  B I G , colorful circle around MLK holiday a few weeks ago.  I was REALLY looking forward to the kid’s being out of school.  But, by 9 o’clock that morning, I already had stacks of dishes piled-up, a fussy 2-year old and another child who was already begging for more ‘technology time.’

Definitely NOT how I envisioned our glorious day off together.  But, things quickly changed when Matthew told us all to get our shoes on.  I quickly packed enough food for six people and we headed-out to one of our favorite nature trails in Bentonville.

Talk about doing a 180-turn!  It’s funny how being outside watching a bunch of kids laugh, play and throw rocks can TOTALLY TRANSFORM a stressed morning into one of the BEST days.  (Such a good reminder to myself to get outside more!)


If you ever want to turn a normal day into an adventure, ask Ross to join you!  (Yes, there have been plenty of times he rides home in JUST his undies after getting covered in mud; but, regardless… it’s ALWAYS an experience!  Annnnd, he’ll toughen-up other kids so that they’re not even fazed when cold water is splashed ALL over them!)

She may love Ross’ excitement and energy, but the most SPECIAL place in Ruthie’s heart is filled with Rayna.  If you’re around them for more than a second, it’s so easy to see why…hug

Is it just me or does she look like she’s REALLY growing-up?!?!?!DSC_5103n copy


Ross’ friend joined us.  It’s been such a blessing having him live a few houses downcollier

I read an article urging moms to hand the camera over and BE IN photos with their children.  So, even though it’s hard (and I know how much Matthew hates fooling with my big camera), I gave it to him and asked for a ‘quick picture’ with Ruthie…ruthiehughug3

With Rayna’s creativity and resourcefulness, it’s fun to watch what she comes up with sometimes.  Today, while Ruthie and the boys acted crazy, she gathered ‘special rocks’ by the creek and used them for ‘sidewalk chalk’details2DSC_5190nDSC_5236nDSC_5293n

Wanna’ know how many times Matthew told Ross NOT to get wet.
(Wanna’ know if it worked?!?!)DSC_5332nDSC_5366n

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