Kid’s Photos (in matchy-clothes) …SO glad that’s over!

I really wanted to take a few photos of Ross, Rayna and Ruthie.  But, I had 2 problems:

1.  I’m new to NW Arkansas and totally clueless about pretty, legal, unpopulated and unique places to take pictures.

2.  I allow my kids to wear pretty much whatever they want ‘don’t dress my kids super fancy’.   So, clothing is never something I look forward to when it comes to a session with my kids.

So, Rayna and I headed to the thrift store and bought her a pretty dress for a few bucks that matched another thrift-store shirt Ross already had.  Then, I took the kids to the vacant field across the street from my house and, 20 minutes later, we were back home!


Yes, there were a few melt-downs and tears, but all of those ‘real’ pictures went straight to the trash!

Although I’m glad I finally have “official” photos for this season, I think I DEFINITELY prefer more real, authentic and playful photos of everyday life!

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