We really don’t even need furniture…

When I look through photos I take throughout the day of my family, I notice one thing…
We spend MOST of our time laying or playing on the floor.

I realize HOW I MAY COME ACROSS AS OBSESSED ‘that I really value the importances of’ “Lifestyle Sessions,” but, truly… what BETTER way to document your REAL family doing the REAL things you do?!?!  Not only do you get to update your family’s photos, but you get to REALLY remember what was important to your kids and family during that time as well.

(For me personally, I’m DYING for (at least) ONE “Lifestyle Session” this year!)

If you also think you’d enjoy documenting the special memories that are special to your family, like me, start to jot-down the things your family enjoy doing together.  Along with riding our bikes and Matthew making pancakes, PLAYING ON THE FLOOR goes down on my list of things I want to always be able to remember us doing as a family!

bDSC_1882bWhat about YOU…
What would a “Lifestyle Session” look like for YOUR family?!?!

ruthieplay copy

To see a ‘Behind the Scenes Look’ of me actually doing a “Lifestyle Session,” click HERE

Here are a few other “Lifestyle Sessions”:
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If you’d like more information, call or email me anytime!


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