Snow Days

“Mom?  Do you think school will be cancelled tomorrow?”

(a few seconds later…)
“Mom?  How will we know if school IS cancelled?”

(a few seconds later…)
“Mom?  When will we know IF school is cancelled?”

(a few seconds later…)
“Mom.  I KNOW we’re NOT having school tomorrow.  I’m serious.  I KNOW we’re not.”

Needless to say, Ross was just a tiny-bit excited about the snow!

Well, school WAS cancelled!  And not just ONE day, but TWO!
And just like the snow break in 2011, the kids loved every second of it!

And thanks to YARD SALES, our family had made some pretty awesome upgrades since our last snow storm!  (If you look at our pictures from 2011, you have to PROMISE not to laugh!)
For example, instead of the littlest child wearing rain boots (on the wrong feet, none-the-less), we actually had BRAND-NEW HELLO KITTY SNOW BOOTS that, I’m pretty-sure, my parents found for only a buck.
And, instead of riding down our neighborhood’s snowy hill sitting on top of a thin, plastic trunk-liner like 2 years ago, we actually bought a real snow-sled for $2 at a yard sale!

We went down that crazy snow hill so many times that ALL of our legs burned like fire the entire car ride home.  But, we all laughed a bunch and made some great memories…


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