It’s possible these last posts and images will make you want to quit your job, move to the country and spend every day enjoying the world through a child’s eyes.  At least, that’s what happens to me every year after I’ve spent time here on the farm.

This is of Ross and Rayna coming out of the cave together at Crystal Lake.  I could over-analyize how symbolic this image is to me in terms of Ross and Rayna facing the outside-world together.  I could go on, but I will spare you and just say I love this picture of them together.bdsc_01001
There are four things that are abundant here:  1.  horses   2.  chickens   3 & 4cows & flies  (see below)


Another trip to my favorite location.  Rayna loves her Granddaddy!bdsc_168 bdsc_0146Rayna in her Nana’s hat at the pool…bdsc_0137

 Here’s is a secret about how my strange brain works: 
No matter WHERE I am or WHAT I’m doing, I see everything in terms of photography. 
Confused?  Here are a few examples just from today:

  • I see a watermelon on the counter and instantly say to Michelle, “We need to take a picture of Kenslee eating a slice on the front porch with just a diaper on.”
  • We’re riding the 4-wheeler and pass a gorgeous open field with an over-aboundance of wildflowers.  It’s midnight and I’m STILL kicking myself that I didn’t take Rayna there for a few quick pictures.

Okay, you get my point.  Well, last month when I was here photographing a wedding, I barely caught a glance of these old mailboxes on an old dirt road.  I didn’t have my camera with me, so this trip, Matthew and I drove all around until I found those old mailboxes I fell in love with. 

Which brings me to my next image.  It’s old, which I love.  It’s country, which I love.  It paints a picture of simple times.  bdsc_0144

I have one more post, so check back soon!

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