Good Times.

As we all sat around the kitchen table eating our vanilla ice cream and enjoying the quietness of the kids being outside, Michelle looks up with raised eyebrows and asks, “Is it just me or was today really weird?” 

Yes, I think it’s safe to say we’ve undergone a series of unusual events. 

  • The kids and I found a crying baby deer with 3 broken legs.  Matthew’s dad had to ‘take care of him’ (don’t ask!) while I tried to explain to the kids that Grandaddy was actually ‘helping’ the deer.  Tough concept for a 3-year old.
  • Austen and I decided to explore the rocks and caves at Crystal Lake.  I was about to take a short cut up a rock when I approached some type of medium sized animal who hissed at me behind a rock.  We quickly got back, but decided to send Matthew back for another look.  (I think we decided it was a very large and angry bird.)
  • Michelle found a baby bird during a horse ride.  He’s safe with his bird-family now, but the kids did get to enjoy him for a few minutes.  (See pictures below.)
  • We ‘broke-in’ the newest addition to Martin Farms.  Their newest horse, Cowgirl, did awesome as we put a saddle on her, led her into the horse trailer and put lots of weight on her back (ME!) for the first time.
  • Rayna decided she was tired of me and Matthew wasting time looking around Crystal Lake.  She moved over to the driver’s seat of the Ranger, jumped down to where she could touch the gas pedal… and away she went without us.   Luckily we caught-up with the Ranger and explained, “Although your dad and I drove early, 20 months is just too young to operate a moving vehical.  Maybe next summer.”
  • Oh, lastly, Michelle wrecked the 4-wheeler.  (And boy does she have the bruises to prove it!)

Okay, so it’s established:  We had a really wierd day.  Wouldn’t you agree? 

Since I can’t break my blog rule (‘Gotta post pictures!’), I’ll leave you with some from today…

Austen (my nephew and cave-exploring pal) and the tiny bird…bdsc_03761
One of my favorite places… Crystal Lake.  I’d really love to book some sessions here for next year.  It’s got some great backdrops, but most importantly, I’d love for my clients to be able to either jump in or wade through the creek like my kids always do.  (How pretty would that be?!?!?)
Gotta’ throw-in a picture of Rayna with her cousin’s John Deer cowboy boots on…

This place HAS to be my favorite hidden spot.  The first time I came here years ago, we were riding horses through the creek.  I was blown away by the beauty of the rocks, clear water and large rock walls.  The kids love catching fish and crawdads with the net.  Oh, we also spend a lot of time finding rocks and trees to jump off of.  I really like this picture of Matthew.  He’s the coolest guy I know.
Rayna’s happy just about anywhere there are snacks.
I take it back about Rayna being happy as long as she has snacks.  She was pretty happy out of the freezing-cold water and in her Granddaddy’s arms.  I LOVE that little girl!
Please excuse the wetsuits all of us (excluding the maverick Matthew) were wearing.  Actually, we all really love freezing-cold water.  (Honestly, it doesn’t bother us at all.)  We just randomly decided to try these wetsuits on right before getting in.  I guess we all forgot to take them off before easing into ice-cold stream. 
This moment happens all day long here.  Just last night as we finished dinner, we glance out the big windows and see Ross petting one of the horse in the pasture.  I LOVE life in the country!
I hear the 4-wheeler and Ranger outside.  That means it’s time to fill up the big bath with four kids under 4 years old.  Can’t beat a week in the country with all of the family together!

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