“Uhm, Michelle… It’s time for pictures…again.”

Here’s the conversation I have with my sister-in-law’s voicemail each month:

“Uhm, Michelle… Yeah, I know you’re busy… but, it’s time for pictures… again.  It’s been over 4 weeks since Kenslee’s last session.  Soooo…. let’s make some plans.”  

It’s not completely normal to have your photographer bugging calling you every month to update your child’s picture, but I can’t help it!  I’ve got some cute nieces and nephews that NEED some camera-time each month!   

I love the catchlight in her eyes… I love the texture of the old bucket… I love those baby-fingers… I love the peacefulness of this image. 
It makes my heart happy.
The first time I saw this old bucket on my parent’s front porch, I already knew:  
Old yellow bucket + Kenslee (diaper-only, of course!) + big, open field =  

bdsc_0110Thank you for a FUN session, Kenslee!  I’ve got you on my schedule for your 8-month session!

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