A Delivery Room Session

Chris and Shauna found out they were pregnant last year.  At the time, I was living in Arizona.  Through emails, Shauna joked that they would fly me back to Georgia if I would be in the delivery room to capture every moment of their new baby’s first moments.  As it turns out, just a few months later a job moved us back to Georgia.  Shauna and I quickly began making plans for their special session.

I arrived at the hospital to find a waiting room FULL of friends and family waiting to meet C.J.   
This image summed-up Chris all night:  Supportive, sympathetic and pretty anxious to meet his baby boy.   bdsc_0251
Just minutes old…
Oh, yeah!  I didn’t expect to get a turn!

I love the way Shauna is looking at Chris in this image.  It’s like she realizes there’s no words for this moment.  She doesn’t have to say a thing for him to understand the intense love and emotion she’s feeling.  Her face says it all.bdsc_0293bdsc_0318
OUT-TAKES:  I apparently love seeing little boys peeing places they are not suppose to.  I had to post this image.  It makes me smile.bdsc_0152

Thank you SO much for asking me to share one of the most important days in your entire life!  Not only did I get to spend my evening doing what I love, I was strongly reminded of God’s goodness, love and miracles.

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