He’s Here!

I’m so happy to introduce Parker Ryland.  If you follow this blog, you will see a lot of Parker in the next 10-15 years.  He is not only my sister’s baby, he is Rayna’s new favorite “BABY!”   It will be all too soon when Parker is running around the house with Ross and Rayna.  Until then… enjoy some sweet newborn pictures from the hospital.   

As you can see from this picture in the hospital, he’s very alert.  (I love how he’s holding on to Hannah’s finger.  How sweet is that?)  bwdsc_0032-1
Hannah and Jason enjoying Parker…bdsc_0041bdsc_0091
Ahhhh… the smell of a newborn!  Can’t you smell that-baby-powder-skin….yummy-smelling-breath… ‘Yum’ isn’t the right word, but YUM!

Kissable lips… bdsc_0077
Hannah, Jason and Parker came over a few days ago for lunch.  I took a few more pictures of him while everyone else was at the pool.  bdsc_0027
I love old things.  My grandmother used these scales to make sure her babies were gaining weight.  The scales were then used by my mom for myself and Hannah.  Hannah and Jason recently used them to make sure he was getting enough to eat.  I love things that have been passed down and used by several generations. 
Sweet lil’ smile…

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