The O’Neils

At the time, I was five years old and painfully shy.  I tried preschool the year before, but couldn’t even make it a full day without getting sick and having to go home.  When it was time for kindergarten, my family was really worried about how I would adjust.  Little did we all know, enrolled in my kindergarten class was a little girl who would greatly affect the rest of my life.  By the end of our first school year, this super-cute, little brown-haired girl and I were as close as two girls could be.

Her mom tells a story about registration day the following year.  She was about to introduce Kelli to her new first grade teacher when she looked down and noticed Kelli was missing.  When her mom finally found her in a different classroom, she realized Kelli was gone in search of ME.  Being in different classes that year did not get in the way of the friendship that would be our foundation for the rest of our lives.

In elementary school, we sat together on bus rides.
In middle school, we stayed together on the weekends.
In high school, we stuck together for a prom and awesome beach vacation.
And when one of us got married, the other one was standing up there also with a few tears and a big smile.
We’ve been through four kids, several moves and LOTS of Mexican dinners where we spend 2 or more hours just laughing and catching-up. 

The seasons of our lives have certainly changed over the last 26 years, but one thing has remained the same… Kelli and I have ALWAYS been the greatest of friends.


With everyone living in different places, Kelli and her sisters made plans to meet at their parent’s house over the weekend. 
Guess who got to join them for dinner and take family photos of their wonderful family?!?!

You may know Kelli (in the middle), but does anyone recognize the AWESOME GAL on the left?!?!  YES!  That’s Erin… the AMAZING photographer who did my own family’s session.  She recently made me the happiest girl ever by posting THIS blog post.  And yes, for the record, I AM getting a REALLY large print for Rayna’s room of us laying on our bellies with our cameras!  Don’t want to leave Shawna out… she’s pretty wonderful too!    

I just love these pictures of Kelli and Reagan together…

Michael is such a good dad.  He’s always playing, holding or loving-on Jackson…


Loved hanging-out with you guys!
Loved photographing your family!
Loved a few more of your pictures, so they are included in the slideshow below…

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