The Girl with a Million Faces

Although I was a little bummed about Ross starting pre-school this year, I have really enjoyed having Rayna to myself a few hours during the day.  Some days we get a lot accomplished, but most are spent cuddling back at home with her saying, “Ross… skool” every 30 minutes.   This week, however, I had a plan.  

I had visited a new location one evening last week as the sun was going down.  Although I loved it then, I wanted to see it one more time in daylight before I started booking clients there.  I decided to make the trip once more with my sister, Rayna, my camera and 2 bags of snacks.     

I could have stayed there all day taking pictures of Rayna… 

Even though she can be pretty shy around strangers, she has one of the funniest and silliest personalities when she’s around family…
I love this picture because it shows off those sweet ‘baby-rolls’ on her arms and feet.  I know these baby features will disappear soon.  But having them now simply proves what I find myself telling Matthew and Ross at least five times a day, “Be easy on her!  She’s just a baby!”

Yes, she IS a natural poser.  (I never prompt her to do anything.  Like it would work anyways… she’s not even 2 years old!)
Yes, that IS a blue M&M in her open mouth.  (It adds character to the picture, right?)

She insist that Matthew paint her toenails several times each week.  Sometimes he’s guilty of rushing through her bi-weekly pedicure.  I think she just found a spot that needs touching-up… 

Thanks to my sweet girly-girl.  I have about a hundred more I’d love to post tonight, but it’s time to pack for Arizona!  I love you, Rayna-Claire-Bear.

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