Fair Junkie

I was in denial for a while, but it’s time to face the facts…
I’m a fair junkie.

I’ve never been able to resist the combined smell of grease, popcorn and cow manure.  From the food, lights, livestock and energy… what’s NOT to love?  

For over 2 months, I’ve had “FAIR w/ ROSS!” writen in my organizer on today’s date.  I blocked this day for sessions in case we decided to go early and stay late.  All week, we had been talking about all the rides we were going to ride and foods we were going to eat.  Since it’s been raining so much lately, I even started checking the weather a week leading up to our special day. 

As we got completely soaked this morning going to yardsales, I had to face reality.  The fair was going to be rained-out this year.

Before feeding two sleepy kids lunch, Matthew blessed our food and prayed that the weather would clear-up after their naps where we could enjoy the fair together later that evening.  Two hours later, although the rain had not stopped, Matthew was eager to continue on with our fair plans.

Without being negative, I tried to explain how going to the fair in the rain really wouldn’t be a lot of fun for anyone.  Without skipping a beat, he pulls out his, Ross’ and Rayna’s cowboy boots and blue jeans.  Following his lead, I got my boots on and grabbed my camera.

We got on the road…  The rain started to stop.
We got to the fair…  The rain stopped completely

Although it may look like it, the wet seats didn’t bother Ross at all!  He was so happy to be at the fair.
Rayna is more like me.  She could take or leave the rides.  But give her a corn dog and you’re speaking her language!bDSC_0238

There are several of advantages to going to the fair after a week of rain:  a surplus of mud puddles to jump in + getting to ride each ride solo.

 I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Rayna is as sweet-as-sugar, right?  Also, I’ve blogged about how wonderful her kisses are.  This is just one example.  She does this stuff all day long…

As we pulled into the garage after our day at the fair, Ross quietly says from the back seat, “Daddy?  Thank you for taking me to the fair today.”    


If only Ross knew what a treat it is for us to get to experience these moments with him.  Whether it’s his excitement the first time he witnesses ‘Space Roller’ or his facial expressions as he tries scarfs-down that hot funnel cake, I want Ross to know we enjoy these moments as much, if not more, than him!

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