I am passionate about being passionate.  So much in fact, when we started a Couple’s Small Group (through our church), the ‘Ice Breaker’ question I picked to ask everyone this week was, “What are you passionate about?”  Although I’ve had days to think about my answer, I know it’s going to be hard to limit myself to one answer.

For me, I am over-the-top passionate about showering my kids with love and affection, my family, photography and food.  That’s why, after 5 days of photographing many wonderful subjects, this first blog post from Arizona is simply about my obsessions. 

If you’re one of the lucky people who have experienced this beautiful sight first-hand, you’ll understand why IN-N-OUT Burger was my first stop in Arizona.  This is a Double-Double, Animal-Style (extra sauce and grilled onions)...bDSC_0301

When arriving, I received an email from Matthew to have a burger for him.  The next day, someone else sent me the same message.  Sooo… I assumed they were both serious.  IN-N-OUT Burger two days in a row?  No problem!  (Don’t you love how they ask if you’ll be eating in the car?  It’s like they KNOW how humanly impossible it would be to drive home without pulling it out of the bag.)  In case you didn’t get enough with the first visit…
Someone ask me what my favorite part of the trip was.  Without hesitation, I told her how much I loved photographing the students at New Way.  I’ve done many, many projects for this school and each time I come back, the kids and I seem to have more and more fun together. 
The biggest project I had during this trip was also the one I looked most forward to!  

I think most of you would agree on all of the ‘UN’s that are associated with standard school photos: 
UN-natural, UN-flattering and UN-comfortable.  

I was over-the-top happy to offer something for the parents and students that will not only look great in a yearbook, but also in their family’s homes and wallets too. 
If you’re a parent checking in, your child’s gallery will be posted soon. 
To view later this week, go to my website: 

  • Click on ‘website’
  • Click on “VIEW PROOFS’
  • password is your student’s homeroom teacher’s last name

If you have any questions about packages, Story Boards or orders, you may email ( or call  me @ 770-639-0598.

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