Solar Systems (vs. sloppy animal spit)

I had BIG plans for our short time in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our hotel actually over-looked the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and, as I looked out our hotel window, I couldn’t help but envision us spending the next day there.  In my sometimes unrealistic ‘OPTIMISTIC’ mind, I would take pictures while Ross and Rayna’s little brain totally soaked-up hundreds of interesting facts about the speed of light, dwarf planets and the circumference of the moon.

Then, out of curiosity, I decided to look at their website ($25 per adult, with minimal activities for small children).

YIKES!  As much as I would LOVE for my kids to walk around for hours in a space museum and fill their little brains to the brim, I knew right away this might not be ideal for MY kids (…who, honestly, have no current interest in space).

So, not wanting them to miss out on the BEST PART of this great landmark right beside us, I did the next-best-thing…

We walked around the free exhibits outside.
Browsed the gift shop until we found Space Ice-Cream.
Tasted and judge the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors on a picnic bench outside.



Then, we surprised them with a place that I KNEW we ALL would enjoy!

We arrived at the Harmony Park Safari with a clean car and a big bucket of animal-feed.
We left with an empty bucket, a DISGUSTING car and animal-spit ALL over everyone!

Yes.  Just like I thought.  It was the PERFECT thing for our family.



SO thankful for these summer memories.  It’s in hotel rooms where, often times, I see some of life’s sweetest moments.
Whether it’s Rayna sharing her late-night chocolate with her lil’ sister…

Or, Ross laughing hysterically at cartoons…
Some of my favorite memories in life are from being on the road with my family.

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