Derek, Kinzie, Elyse and Caleb

I know I sound like a broken-record when I tell people…
“Teaching the 4-year olds at my church is one of the BEST parts of my ENTIRE week!”   (But, it’s really true.)

I love the quiet kids.
I love the helpful kids.
I love the funny kids.
I even love the one grouchy boy who, very seriously, told me he was mad at me for going out of town (and not teaching) the week before.

But, as bad as it may sound to say this, there ARE a few children who REALLY stand-out and will always have a super-special place in my heart.

Elyse is definitely one of these unique children who holds a special spot in my heart.  She entered my class as a quiet little girl.  Within a few weeks, she came out of her shell and became my ‘Special Helper’… always willing to do whatever was asked of her.  When it was time for her to graduate from my class a year later, it seemed like the quiet-Elyse had turned into funny, independent, confident and mature girl!  Now when I see her at church, even though it’s been a few years since she’s been in my class, she always has a big hug ready for me.

So, when Derek & Kinzie asked me to photograph their family, I was tickled that I’d get to hang-out with Elyse for a while AND get to know her little brother, Caleb!

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