Bubbles… Bubbles… Bubbles

As I wiped-off the kitchen table and picked-up pieces of watermelon off the floor under Ruthie’s highchair, my mind was preoccupied with even MORE things I needed to do before bedtime.  I had just started to load the dishwasher when I heard Ross and Rayna’s laughter coming from the backyard.

Even though I’ve witnessed this same sight many, many times before, I still couldn’t help but wonder how much longer something as simple as bubbles would keep them running, happy and laughing in the backyard together.

So, I left the dirty dishes in the sink, got my camera and just sat down and enjoyed watching them play… 

I would love to think these moments will last forever.  But, in case they don’t, I want to always remember the summer days when simple bubbles supplied enough laughter to last an entire evening!

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