Snow Day!

I couldn’t help but laugh as I looked back on all my family’s SNOW pictures over the years…

This year, the excitement started EARLY!  Ross was awake by 5am.  By 7:30am, we were ALL ready and out the door!
Untitled-3 copy

We took a walk to the pond behind our house…DSC_5775n


But our adventure was cut-short due to freezing fingers and hungry bellies…DSC_5841b

Back out AGAIN!DSC_5937nbDSC_5980nDSC_5951bDSC_6039nfunsnowangels
If you’re wondering what that concerned look is for, Ruthie was upset that she was given hot chocolate that was, well, too warm to drink that very second.
How DARE us, right?!?!hotch

School’s already cancelled tomorrow!
So, hopefully, we’ll have a SNOWMAN in our future!

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