Doggie Hugs, Sugar Pancakes & New Memories…

I have this special song I always sing to Grizzly Bear (my cousin’s adorable, giant Golden-doodle & Ruthie’s favorite playmate)

“Who’s the cutest dog in the whole wide world?  Grizzly Bear!  Grizzly Bear!”

But I quickly realized he had some fierce competition when I met Wrigley, Grizzly’s brother-in-law. (When I text my cousin to confirm Grizzly and Wrigley’s relationship, she clarified, “Yep, they’re not related by blood, just marriage.”  Loved it!)


Just look at those eyes!
And, yes… He literally wrapped his little arms and legs around Rayna and then proceeded to lay his head on her shoulder.
I’m sorry Grizzly, but it’s pretty-much the SWEETEST dog-trick in the entire universe!DSC_3213n

A house full of doggies!  Here are 2 more cuties…Untitled-1

Yeah, this is Wrigley’s trick I was telling you about.
I held him like this for half an hour before Rayna took him from me…Untitled-1n

During this move to Arkansas, it’s been really incredible to see how NEW blessings are given during times when we all REALLY need them.  I woke-up on this particular morning and couldn’t help but think about all my family back home, probably 50 of them all gathered in my mom’s kitchen to celebrate the holidays.  I could have very easily spent a lot more time dwelling on my own lonely feelings, but honestly, I was too busy getting everyone out the door to enjoy an amazing breakfast with our family down the road.  Times like this makes these new memories even MORE special!

Pictured below is my over-the-top AMAZING mother-in-law and her sister.
Then, there’s Matthew and his cousin Ryan.  (I’d love to say Matthew’s showing physical affection to his cousin, but I’m pretty sure he’s intentionally trying to cover-up Ryan’s Packers t-shirt!)Untitled-1nn

I’m obsessed with food.

Libby wasn’t in the last photo I took of Ryan and Grizzly, so we needed to update! DSC_3187n

STILL Ruthie’s favorite…DSC_3139b Untitled-2


Special meals…
Cute dogs…
Company over…
Mattresses in Ross’ floor for all the kids…
Devotions together as a family…

Good memories!Untitled-10

Check back soon…
Posting our last trip back to Georgia!

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