Snow Cows

A lot of people might not associate our new area as a typical “vacation” spot.  But for years and years, Matthew and I would spend our summer week-off (and winter if we had enough vacation time) in NW Arkansas.

Some of my favorite memories were made walking around a horse pasture with lots of cousins (and no phone or internet coverage), exploring waterfalls and doing dental checks on the horses, putting baby-Rayna on a horse a little too big for her, snake-handling!, building a giant snowman and shirtless little cowboys!  All of these incredible memories were created in the beautiful fields, caves, trails, pastures and little country roads that are quietly tucked-away all around us now.

Now that we live here, it seems like EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I catch a glimpse of something beautiful.  And EVERY.SINGLE.DAY., I regret not having my camera.  So until the weekend where Rayna and I wake-up early and go on a photo-adventure, here’s an image that represents some of my favorite things- cows, streams and pretty pastures…

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