Bargains, animals and family… Some of my FAVORITE things!

Have you ever had a day filled with SO many of your favorite things you felt like your heart was going to burst?
That’s exactly how I felt during one of our days back in Georgia.

Outside fun with the kids and my mom…
Gorgeous animals…
A great bargain (free Zoo Atlanta tickets + free parking + sack lunches)…
Watching Ruthie hug, kiss, squeeze and lay on a community of goats…

Yeah, it was a pretty great day.


See that big BANANA Ruthie is enjoying?  Well, that banana stayed in our stroller, forgotten, until my mom pulled it out at the GORILLA exhibit.
Crazy.  Crazy…DSC_3522n
This huge, gorgeous guy SPOTTED it…
Watched my mom open it up…
Probably caught a good-whiff of it (as close as we were to him)
And proceeded to pace and hit his chest.
Crazy moment.  I’ll never forget it.DSC_3500n

Ruthie totally fell in love with the community of goats.  After over 30 minutes of her brushing, kissing, hugging and kissing them, a stranger walked by and said, “That baby must spend a loooot of time with goats!”DSC_3603nDSC_3612bDSC_3621ngoatlb

This is the ‘I-love-this-carosel-but-I-would-really-appreciate-a-nap’ look…DSC_3697bUntitled-1g

If you EVER come across a ‘Hurricane Machine’ at a mall or amusement park, TAKE my ADVICE:
Grab as many kids as possible (extra-tough, easy-going, animated toddlers are a PLUS!)...
Dig through your purse for 8 quarters (charge it if you have to)
Have your camera or video ready…
Enjoy the next 2 minutes of crazy winds and screaming kids!



So glad we got to squeeze-in this fun tradition!
Here’s a couple more posts from our Zoo Atlanta tradition:  20132011

Posting more from our family trip to Georgia this week!  So, stop back by soon!

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