Ross’ “TALENT”

I saw the disappointed look on his face after school.  Without even having to ask, I knew what had happened.


Even though I had suggested other options for Ross to do in his 2nd Grade Talent Show, he was DETERMINED to tell the story of his tadpoles.  So after I realized he wouldn’t be happy doing something like singing or doing magic tricks in front of his class, we practiced all the frog facts that he’d teach the class and then came up with a plan for me to take one of his frogs to his school.

But, as I feared, not everyone in his class recognized and appreciated Ross’ super-cool abilities as a real ‘TALENT‘…

“That was stupid!”

“I’m NOT voting for you!”

Although these were all hurtful comments that some of Ross’ classmates said, I assured him that, his ABILITIES were NOT stupid, but WERE, in fact, a true, God-given TALENT!


I reminded to Ross that, even though he’s only 8 years old, he’s ALREADY demonstrated some pretty ‘talented’ things…


So, it was NO surprise this year when Ross started catching TAD-POLES by the hundreds!  Often times, we would leave local parks with up to 200 tad-poles in little containers he’d brought from home!

His Nana and Grandaddy found a large tank and kept them at their house to feed and help him take care of.  Before we knew it, there were 211 little frogs ready to be released!

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I’m so passionate about taking the time to NURTURE your God-given talents and abilities!
Or, if you’re a parent, helping your children discover what brings joy to them and others!

So, even though the rest of the world may not always see ‘talent‘ in the dirty hands of a little boy, Ross will ALWAYS be one of the most special, creative, unique and, YES, TALENTED kids that I know!

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