Hugs Before Arkansas

I’m currently sitting in the corner of my living room.  The same living room that, over the years, has been filled with Small Groups, an abundance of kids, lots of parties and even MORE family memories.

But, today, there’s no friends, family, laughter or kids…

The house is extremely hot.
The brown boxes are stacked way too high.
Things are being moved quickly and I know in just a few hours, the house will be completely empty.

But although it’s going to be extremely hard to leave all of our friends and family behind, thinking about ALL the AMAZING relationships we have here gives me SO much JOY!

Over the weekend, we opened-up our backyard and was shocked at how many wonderful friends and family came by to give us a hug before we left for Arkansas!  I could go on and on about how special ALL of these people are to us, but, they will never know how much it meant that they choose to hang with US at our house on our last weekend in Georgia!

I didn’t have my camera with me the whole time to take pictures of everyone, but here’s just a few snapshots from the night…


We were so happy to see our pastor, James Merritt, and his wife Teresa because of what an important part they’ve been in our faith journey.  But, my dad was ALSO very excited to meet him because he’s been watching him on t.v. for a long time!

Lots of babies…tatumtrampoline

Lots of kiddies…

Lots of “Snake Egg” tours from Ross…
Which, for the record, resulted in lots of kids PLAYING WITH the eggs…
Which, for the record, resulted in lots of BROKEN snake eggs.
Which, for the record, results in us NOT having to transport the snake eggs (as promised) to Arkansas in our CAR for Ross!
(Yeah for “Snake Egg” tours!)everyone

We had homemade pound-cake, peanut butter cake, German chocolate cake, rice-krispie treats, cookies, brownies and 4 different home-made ice-creams.  But, Tatum just came for our ICEiceicebabytrampomir


A GIANT “Thank You” to my mom, sister and dad who made this party so special!  Words can’t even describe how much I’m going to MISS them!

Another “Thank You” to everyone who stopped by or has called, sent texts, emails or notes wishing us well.



I’ll continue to write about our adventures in Arakansas!  So, please stop by the blog!




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