Happy Birthday, Dana!

I’m so, so, so happy I was able to photograph Dana’s family a few days before leaving Georgia.  As always, it was a TREAT!

My ONLY regret (and I’ve thought about this about a hundred times since our session) is that I did NOT flip my Nikon over to video-mode and record Peyton and her dad singing the SWEETEST lullaby to Hunter.  Great voices together… special song… very sweet stuff!

DSC_8631nbpDSC_8177bDSC_8503nDSC_8266bbreakkissDSC_8625n copytickle

I wish I could have gotten these to you just a few days after our session in Georgia, but it’s no lie that I still have a ‘defected‘ toilet seat sitting in my driveway of our new house!  (Yes, it’s been a little crazy since we left Georgia.  But, I’ll post more on that later!)

In any case, Happy Birthday, Dana!  I hope to continue to watch your kids grow-up when I return back to Georgia each year!

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