Ross’ T-Ball

My favorite little boy in the whole world is now playing t-ball.  I’d like to say he loves it, but he’s really only interested in the snacks that follow each game.  If I happen to be sitting close to the fence, I’ll try to sneak him a peanut as he waits for his turn to bat.  

During his first game, I looked in the dugout and saw this face through the fence…  

Here’s my little snacking-girl and her cousin.  When they were handed M&M’s, they totally forgot they were there to cheer Ross on.  How appropriate is Rayna’s shirt?!?!     

My mama is blogging this.    🙂       
Even Parker (my nephew) came out to see Ross… 

Rayna on Papa’s (my dad) shoulder… 

Hannah (my sister), Jason and Parker.  Ross had 15 family members there cheering him on!   

This is ‘Granddaddy.’  He and my grandmother were (and still are) exceptional grandparents to me and my sister.  I have a million great memories with them growing-up, so it feels so good to see them with my children.  The first thing Rayna said when she woke-up one morning was, “Wanna’ go see Granddaddy.  Love em’ so much!” 

Game over = Big throw = Big smile. 

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