Have you ever experienced a moment you’d like to freeze in time?  

Dylan and I had been talking non-stop as we hiked down to the Chattahoochee River.  In just a second of silence, a bright red bird landed on the worn path in front of us.  As the bird flew away and the path quietly turned, I suppose I was not prepared for the beautiful waterfall that waited for us just steps away.
I stood in front of the waterfall while the cool wind blew the trees all around us.  I could have stood there for hours enjoying the sound of the crashing waterfall.  As if my heart needed anymore happiness in that moment, I couldn’t help but think about how thankful I am to be able to do EXACTLY what I LOVE.  I took a second to take it all in and made a mental-note to remember this moment…    so that’s exactly what I just did. 


Dylan is graduating in a few weeks.  He is a super cool guy and so easy to talk to!  Since he enjoys kayaking, I really wanted to get in the water to capture a cool shot of him inside his kayak.  As great as that photograph would have been, I decided to make sure me and my camera stayed dry by photographing him BESIDE the water (instead of in it)!         I met Dave, Dylan’s dad, at a wedding I photographed.  During the ceremony, I remember thinking to myself what an incredible job the pastor was doing.  Turns out, Dave really has a heart for people and ministry.  If you’re getting married in the future, I would highly recommend him!   What a great family!

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