Sometimes when Matthew is driving alone, he’ll take the wrong exit to get home.  Lost in thought, he continues to make a few more wrong turns until he finds himself pulling up to our old driveway. 

It’s no wonder he still misses that house.  The memories of bringing home our new baby, watching first-steps, finally decorating a house, get-togethers and reading  ‘positive’ on a pregnancy test for the second time are the memories that, even after being gone three years, still make you think about it as home.

Another reason we loved this house so much was because of our neighbors.  Before Ross was born, there were days Matthew and I would hang-out in our front yard… just waiting for everyone else to get home from work or school and come outside.  One of the families we connected with instantly was Yvette and her children.   We were SO happy when we got to see them again (at Matthew’s surprise birthday party) after moving back from Arizona.  When Yvette emailed me to set-up a senior session for Kenneth, it took me a second to wrap my mind around him being a senior.

Congratulations, Kenneth!  We are so proud of you!  


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