Ross knows the way to Ruthie’s heart…

It’s hard to imagine Ruthie ever loving another human being more than she already loves Rayna.

Rayna rubs her head at night.  Rayna takes her potty.  Rayna gives her baths.  Rayna holds her hands when we approach a street.  And, even when Rayna wants to be alone, she usually caves-in when Ruthie crawls up in bed with her and says, “Ruthie sleep with Sissy?  Yes?  Yes?  Yes?”

Then there’s this other kid…

He makes her cry.  Right before her trip first to the fire station, he tells her she’s going to have to fight a real, blazing fire when she gets there.  Being honest, some days it feels like his only goal in life is to keep her screaming.

BUT, then there are days when, while Rayna’s sitting by a creek watching a butterfly, Ross does the sweetest thing he could possibly do for his lil’ sister…


He gets Ruthie her very own crawfish from the creek!DSC_9756n

Ross asked her what she was going to name the crawfish.  I think she’s trying to see if he’ll tell her…DSC_9778n1listen

And, yes!  There’s always a kiss…mygirlross

Gotta love a bare-belly and chipped-off fingernail polish…perfectchild


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