Yes, he breaks some rules here and there…  But, his independent spirit was simply not designed to follow a crowd.  (And that’s one of my FAVORITE things about him!)

Yes, he can be stubborn…  But, I believe leading others and challenging what he feels is right will take him far in life.

Yes, he can be loud…  But, I know he’ll always always have a voice- even when it’s not what others always want to hear.

Yes, he picks up lots of gross insects and smelly animals…  But, I can’t help but think his love for animals will allow him to connect with nature and help some 4-legged creatures along the way.

Yes, he makes my great-grandmother nervous when she sees videos of him jumping from cliffs…  But, I am thankful for his desire to push himself and never allow fear to hold him back.

And yes, he laughs when others are quiet… But, I KNOW he’ll use his sense of humor to lighten other people’s day.


I could go ON and ON about Ross… If you really know him, you’d agree that he’s one in a million.
Here’s a few of my favorite moments of Ross before he turned 8 years old…

I love Ross.
I love personality.
I love his heart.

I tell him this daily, but, I can not WAIT to see how God is going to use him to be a light for others!



Ross from Christy Martin on Vimeo.

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