Professional Photography… PRICELESS!

When I started my blog several years ago, the purpose was to show families some highlights from their session a few days before their entire gallery would be ready.  But before long, I started sneaking-in a few personal post of my kids on the days I wasn’t photographing clients.

Even through I read lots of ‘professional photographers’ give business advice about NOT blogging about your own children’s photos or personal thoughts, I decided that, since I was the one paying the hosting fee for my blog each month, I could pretty-much blog about whatever made me happy.  (And, yes… some days that meant an entire blog post about a great spaghetti recipe that called for carrots, celery and mushrooms in place of ground beef!) 

So this blog post, like MANY before, will be personal.  Instead of being written by Christy from ‘Christy Martin Photography,’ it’s going to be written from a mom to other moms… also hopefully, friend-to-friend.

And just to make SURE you KNOW this blog post isn’t just a subtle way for me to book more sessions, I’m going to break even a BIGGER blogging rule:  Not only am I going to POST other photographer’s work on my site, I’m actually going to BRAG about them!



When I was pregnant with Ruthie, MATERNITY-photos were the LAST things on my mind.  But, after some reassurance from a photographer that I loved and trusted, I decided to go ahead and document this stage in my life.

The end result?!?!?!    LOVED them!
I am
SO happy I have these images for, not only myself, but for Ruthie also!




A few weeks later when I checked into the hospital with so much anticipation, I was pretty disappointed when the nurses said I’d probably be going back home for a few more days.  But, within a matter of minutes, the plans quickly changed and I was admitted into a hospital room.  So, not too long after I received a text from Mary Anne asking if she could come to the hospital, Ruthie was born!

The pictures she captured of Ruthie’s first hour are, hands-down, some of my FAVORITE photos EVER!  I can’t even BEGIN to explain how much I TREASURE these precious memories!

Wanna see a few?!?!?!
Here’s just a few more of Ruthie during her first week…
The first three images were taken by Mary Anne Morgan.
The remaining images were taken by Erin O’Neil.IMG_8633IMG_8592bwIMG_8570


I hope this blog post will encourage you to consider professional photos for an important milestone in your 2014!
In my opinion, there’s NOTHING more valuable or treasured!

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