New Orleans

Offer me the opportunity to travel anywhere and my answer will always be “YES!”  After our Spring Break with family in Jackson, Mississippi, the kids and I jumped on the chance to ride down to New Orleans with Matthew for his super-quick work meeting.   DSC_8870 copy1

Because Matthew had to meet customers and a big thunder storm was approaching, we knew we had a LOT to see and do in a short amount of time.  Within a few minutes of unpacking in the room, we quickly headed back out to take advantage of the gorgeous sunlight and remaining hours.

I’d love to say I headed straight for St. Louis Cathedral because of the beauty and rich history.  But, honestly, Rayna spotted GRASS to run on and Ross spotted a FOUNTAIN to play in.  So, we were basically all running around the lawn barefoot before we even realized the beauty right in front of us…fountain

Ruthie found a tree.  (Naturally.) 
And hugged it.  (No prompting.)
And closed her eyes.  (Somewhat dramatic.  I know.)DSC_8685b

My lil’ barefoot girl… DSC_8856b

Obsessed with chasing birds…DSC_8862nDSC_8784bDSC_8765nsilly

One more trip to the fountain…
Keeping her fountain-tradition, Ruthie, without any thought, stuck her head straight into the ice-cold water… DSC_8799n

What’s a trip to New Orleans without introducing your snack-loving kids to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and hot beignets?cafe

After hearing about my friend’s travels around the world, I asked her, quite possibly the MOST important question you can ask a traveler, “Of all the countries your been to, where did you experience the most AMAZING food?”  And without any hesitation, she says, “New Orleans!”

So, she’s exactly who I called before our trip.  She instructed me to make the inconvenient trip OUT of town and into a neighborhood to experience po’ boys that, seriously, makes you wanna’ cry.  (Even Ross, my picky-eater, wanted to cry.)  Add Domilise’s to your New Orleans list! IMG_6735
And say hello to this hairless cat that will guard your car while you eat…


And after THAT lunch suggestion, I wasn’t about to miss the OTHER place she insisted I try.  (Especially since Matthew was leaving us for a fancy work dinner and the kids and I needed something to-go that we could eat on the hotel bed!)  Central Grocery is a small grocery store in the French Quarter.  Behind the rack of olives and peppers is a tiny area to purchase their famous Muffuletta sandwiches.  AH.MAY.ZING.  Luckily, Ross and Ruthie didn’t share the excitement of this remarkable sandwich and actually preferred a frozen pizza from the lobby refrigerator.  So, Rayna and I were VERY happy to enjoy their share of olive oil soaked bread, covered in olive spread. pix

And the end to a really, really great night…
A really sweet sister who said she couldn’t walk anymore because the flip flops I told her NOT to wear were killing her feet holding her sweating, hot, heavy, lil’ sleeping sister in the strollerhold

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