Spring Break… just a few more!

I tried to get all of our pictures from Mississippi in my last post, but it looks like I TOOK WAY TOO MANY PICTURES OF A TODDLER IN A TREE we made a lot of great memories with cousins…DSC_8384n

My calm, simple, “easy-to-love” Rayna…DSC_8396b

And here’s the girl who brings color to all of us… sweet

I think she’s going to be a natural-tree-climber like her big sis’… DSC_8376b

As soon as Madison finished her morning classes, we hit the road!  We try to cram-in as MANY spots as possible… parkflowerDSC_8542n copysdetails

(Rayna took this picture… Pretty good, huh?) DSC_8586n



Since mine AND Rayna’s “Love Language” is Quality Time, it means lots and lots and lots of games of UNO together.
So many, in fact, we’ve had to start making up new ways of playing!

And whenever Rayna sees fresh flowers around, they will certainly be the centerpiece to whatever we’re doing!uno

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