My Favorite Shepherd

People often question my sanity when they find out my family is on the road AGAIN.  My sanity would most CERTAINLY be challenged if they knew the REAL truth:  We were driving over 7 hours to… with 3 kidsto stay a place less than 2 days... with NOTHING on our agenda once we arrived.

But here’s what most people don’t see…
No matter how much I try to teach Godly virtues to Rayna, there’s nothing better than her actually SEEING IT first-hand from a person she loves, respects and already has so much admiration for.

  • So even though the grilled fish, green bean casserole and sweet potato souffle at our lunch-tradition is amazing, it’s nothing compared to the ride home from Whole Foods when Rayna overhears her cousin talk about the rules that she’s personally set for her own life to make sure her daily quiet time with God isn’t compromised by her college studies, friends, interests and the unending pull of social media.
  • And although Rayna LOVES shopping with her oldest cousin, I am thrilled knowing Rayna is being shown by a smart, fun and confident college student that a girl can STILL look beautiful and trendy without ever compromising her modesty.
  • And when it’s time to plan something ‘fun‘ to do, these girls lovingly choose to PREPARE FOOD, COOK, SERVE and CLEAN-UP after all of us!

“Be sure you know the condition of your flocks,
Give careful attention to your heards.”
-Proverbs 27:23


Not only is Madison one of the biggest reasons we drive to Mississippi so frequently, she’s ALSO one of my favorite shepherds to one of my favorite sheeps!


If you’re in college (and perhaps thinking how YOU need a mentor), may I remind you that younger girls are ALREADY looking at YOU!

May I challenge you to play a vital role in a younger girl’s life?!?!?

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