Stay-cation: Matthew’s Day!

Although we always love the time we spend with our extended family, after three back-to-back trips (MississippiColorado… then, Georgia), we knew we needed to stay home for Spring Break.  As I tried coming up with ideas that all of us would enjoy, it crossed my mind that there were FIVE of us- the SAME number of empty DAYS to fill!

For a moment, I thought I could simply plan an entire day’s events around ONE person.
But then, God planted a little seed in my mind…

Since we’re trying to teach service and love in our home, why not give each person the OPPORTUNITY to creatively and intentionally (and, best yet, secretly!) plan an entire day of SUPER SPECIAL activities JUST for the person they drew!?!?!   So, that’s exactly what we did!


Day #1… Matthew!

Ruthie planned lunch at Chick-fil-A…

CMP_0838b hug CMP_0841b

And although Ruthie had planned on taking Matthew to the jumpy-trampoline place, when Matthew found out it was dollar-skate night, he traded out ‘his time’ for something special he wanted to do for Rayna later in the week.  Ruthie didn’t seem to mind the change… skate
Rayna was taking pictures of me and Matthew when Ruthie decided to jump in front of the camera.  (Rayna’s photos are ALWAYS my favorites!) CMP_0919n
Thank you for checking out our family’s Stay-cation!

On a side-note, several people inquired about “the budget” I mentioned on Facebook.  Although I could have let the kid’s imagination’s and planning run wild, I knew that could potentially make for a VERY expensive week.  So, I remembered a stack of money our family had been collecting from all of our recent Craig’s List sales.  I gave the envelope to Ross and let him add all the money up and divide it among the five of us.  The math was done!  We each received $48 a day!  Although I didn’t plan this at the time, it was really great for all of us to plan in advance how much money we were going to spend on everyone’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and any special activities.

Check back tomorrow for ROSS’ special day- planned by ME!

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