Madison is my beautiful niece.  Even though she lives in Mississippi, we still get to see one another several times a year.  One of my favorite times with Madison is each summer when we meet-up in Arkansas for a week.

Each year, Madison is definately one of the highlights of Arkansas!

~ She keeps us all busy with planned activities each day.
~ She makes giant plates of cupcakes, which only seem to last a few minutes once they are out of the oven.
~ She keeps me current with the latest trends, gadgets and clothing.  (Last year, she signed me up for Twitter.  Ironically enough, I haven’t been on again since last summer!)
~ And most appreciated is, once Ross and Rayna finish their last bite of dinner, she quickly gives them direct orders to “go straight to Nana’s bathtub.”  (I have even seen her handle FIVE little ones in the bathtub at one time!)

We thought it would be fun to take some pictures while we were together, so I raided her suitcase the first night we arrived and found some fun clothes that I WANTED TO TAKE HOME WITH ME knew would be so cute in photos!  A few nights later, we found ourselves driving around… pulling into old alleys and stranger’s pastures.  Scouting locations was as much fun as taking the pictures!

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