Life in the Country

There’s no surprise why I love visiting Matthew’s parents each summer!

Each morning, pancakes and omelets are started when the first set of little feet comes shuffling downstairs.  The kitchen doesn’t get clean until the last person finds his way to the table… sometimes over an hour later.

The kids walk or ride the horses, while Matthew does his yearly dental examine for them.
They also catch crawdads and cook them up for lunch.
The kids and I get to explore and play at some of the most beautiful streams, lakes and caves!

But more than anything, I love the company.  Matthew’s parents are truly the BEST in-laws a girl could ever ask for!


During this trip, Rayna discovered her new love for horses…

Ross loved the little tree snake we caught… 
Normally, Matthew is the only one who wants to climb-up and jump.  But this year, he had company…
Check back soon for a few more from our week in the country!

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