Centennial Olympic Park

…I hate letting things go to waste.

  • If I have extra vegetables in my garden, I will start a search for any friend, family or neighbor who could use some bell-peppers or tomatoes.  Can’t make it to my house for a pick-up?  Don’t worry… I will deliver!
  • If I have a really great coupon to a restaurant I’m not going to use, I will drive around their parking lot until I spot a family I can hand the coupon off to.
  • I’m not too proud of this last one, but, it’s even evident in the way I eat.  Matthew recently visited one of his clients, who also knew me in high school.  Instead of discussing the density of croutons (or whatever Matthew and his clients talk about), his question to Matthew was, “Does Christy still finish all the food off everyone’s plate?” 

Believe me now?

Needless to say, when Matthew remembered we had a Hilton promo voucher that was expiring soon, I was ALL-ABOUT not letting a hotel night go to waste.  Although we only live 45 minutes from Atlanta, I thought the kids would enjoy the fountain of rings at Centennial Olympic Park.  Since Matthew was working, I invited my mom, sister and nephew to come along with us for a night in the city.

Although I’ve been many times before, I guess I had forgotten just how enjoyable Atlanta could be!

After checking in and taking the kids to the pool, we decided to walk to Centennial Park.  The sun had already started to go behind the tall buildings around us, making the temperature PERFECT!  Outside, we ate hamburgers that were so messy, I had to finish mine with a fork.  (That’s when you know you’ve had a good burger!)

My mom, sister and I sat for almost 2 hours watching Ross, Rayna and Parker running in and out of the water.  I think we were all enjoying ourselves because we must have commented to one another at least a dozen times what a PERFECT night it was.

The kids danced hard to the music below them…

I had a stranger come over a practically take my camera out of my hands.  She said she’d been watching me take pictures all night of our kids and wanted to get one picture of all of us together.  Turns out, she was a photographer and did a pretty awesome job…

BTW… When did Rayna’s hair get SO long?!?!?

More of Ross dancing…

Kids can’t stay in a hotel with jumping on the bed, right?
After one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time, we headed back to Centennial Park.  Unlike the night before, we were the ONLY people at the fountains! 

Good times!  I’m very thankful to have a mom and sister who I love being around so much!
I’m also pretty happy we found our Hilton voucher before it expired, because this was definitely one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my summer!

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