Kansas City… QUICK trip!

There are TON of things I’m HORRIBLEnot good’ at doing…

  • Home Decorating
  • Small Talk (aka: pointless conversations about pointless stuff that neither parties really care about)
  • Dressing my kids super-duper UNCOMFORTABLE “cute” clothes



But, there IS (1) thing I’m REALLY good at doing…

E X P L O R I N G    N E W   P L A C E S  !


We had less than 24 hours in Kansas City, most of which was WITHOUT a car and WITHOUT MatthewBUT, exploring is our thang.

We made a pit-stop at Chips Chocolate Factory.  (BEST “Turtle” I’ve had in a long, long time!)
Against my better judgement, we returned to Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant.  (Although, in my opinion, once you’ve experienced the FUN of a little TRAIN delivering food to your table, you should probably skip the grease the next time you visit and enjoy some delish Kansas City barbecue instead!)
And, even though we {PROBABLY} weren’t suppose to be INSIDE the fountain, I let Ross and Ruthie enjoy themselves…

We grabbed Matthew and ended our day at Schlitterbahn water park!

The kids love when I make videos of our memories, so here’s the highlights I put together for them last night…

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