Beach 2015, Part 4!

I would have loved a ‘perfect’ family photo (where Ruthie has all of her clothes on and we all kind-of blended better); but, sometimes it’s easier just to grab a stranger off the beach, yell for all the kids to run over and, 20 seconds later, let everyone go back to looking for crabs… DSC_9701j
I tried to get the cousins together for a real picture.  But, that only lasted a second…
My sister and her husband, Jason…
sims copyFAM
My sister grabbed my camera from me.  Next time, I’m going to give her the task of convincing Ross and Ruthie to join us for a quick family picture.  NOT an easy task; so I’ll just be happy with the sweet picture she DID get of us with Rayna..  DSC_9731b

My sweet, loving, giving and wonderful parents… DSC_9711j
He’s my fave… martin

Hey, Parker!  The best-dressed kid on the beach!  parkerS

Last year’s photo… Same spot… A year later…Untitled-1
“Don’t laugh, sissy!”
-Ruthie (only 2… making-up games… dishing out orders)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…
Everyone needs a “Ross” on vacation.  He’s fun.  He’s excited.  He’s adventurous…

Just a few phone pictures… highlights

When Little Mermaid was left at the pool, Spider-man will have to take her place… DSC_9349b

“Go wit’ me, Ra-Ra!”

We *tried* for a family photo using a GoPro and mirror.  Didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped…



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Counting down for NEXT year…

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