Bryant Lifestyle Session

“Oh, how I waited for you…
Oh, how I longed to meet you.”

When I heard those lyrics in a beautiful song several months ago, I felt such deep emotions inside my heart.  I felt some sadness as I thought about a particular mother who had prayed 7 years for a child.  A child that she believed God was going to bless her with one day.  But, I also felt so much happiness when I imagined how she must have felt when, after desperately laying her requests before God in the Pacific Ocean one final time, He gave her the desires of her heart (Psalm 37:4).

Stephanie has a gift of encouraging others with her words and stories of faith.  So, I was honored I got to document a VERY important week in her life that has been FULL of God’s love, promises and faithfulness.  Not only does this week mark Stephanie and Barry’s 12th wedding anniversary and their big move to their family farm, their photos are also a true picture of the GIFT God has blessed them with- Gabrielle!


Usually, moms don’t have a lot of great pictures with their child.  So, when I’m doing a family session, I always take LOTS of photos of the two of them together.  I just LOVE this series of them… stephanie3
But, she clearly loves her daddy too… barry

Those faces… Goodness gracious!   gsmileDSC_1996nplayground

Raise your hand if you LOVE their front door!DSC_1469nDSC_1661b

She’s just a tiny-bit cute, right?!?!     DSC_1615nDSC_1871bDSC_2113ngabstephaniestephanie2barry2

This is their Farmhouse view… DSC_2161nbarry3details

Back to that song…

Stephanie contacted me to simply take a few PHOTOS of their family.  BUT, in my mind, I had a sneaky idea to surprise her with a little video too!  I hope she loves the song as much as me!

On a side-note, after this session and my last Georgia-session, I’ve quickly realized how much I MISS photographing families!  I’ve decided to take clients here in NW Arkansas, specializing in Lifestyle Sessions with a special VIDEO as well!

And since I’ve always surprised my clients with their Lifestyle videos, I’ve been VERY  limited with the amount of VIDEO coverage I could shoot… while still photographing at the same time and not looking suspicious.  So, I’m REALLY looking forward to making this a part of my NEW packages!  Now, I’ll be able to communicate with my clients their favorite family activities where I can capture memories that are special and unique to them!

Check out THIS VIDEO if you’d like to see a Lifestyle Session in action!  Or, search “Lifestyle” on my blog.
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